History of The Gearin

The Gearin has seen many changes over the years. It was built in 1880 and licensed to George Biles. In 1910, the Biles' Hotel was purchased by a widow from Broken Hill, Emily Gearin. Mrs Gearin transformed the building into its current Art Deco style and called it the "Railway Hotel", no longer a public house but a guest house. In the 1930s she leased the hotel to one Mr McNiven, who renamed it the "Hotel Gearin". This name was retained by several owners and managers in subsequent years.

In the 1970s, the Gearin family sold the hotel to the owner of the Carrington. It was later sold again several times, notably in 2006 to Australian actor Jack Thompson, who ran the hotel until 2011, when it was sold to its current owner.

Over the years, the various owners have renovated and made additions to the building, so it has become a rambling edifice, with extra wings added here and there. But it has managed to retain the Art Deco style introduced by Mrs Gearin.

Up until recently, the Hotel Gearin has provided a popular local pub with affordable accommodation and regular live music. But the hotel finally closed its doors in March 2019.

Not long after, it opened again as a guest house and continues to offer accommodation, though the bars remain closed.

The Gearin is also the home of Trains, Planes and Automobiles, dealers in antique toys and collectables, who have been operating in the Blue Mountains since 1997. The managers of Trains, Planes and Automobiles have taken on the dual roles of running an antique toy shop – including regular toy auctions on site and managing The Gearin as a guest house.